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Transfer from Prague to Konopiště

Konopiště The romantic Konopiste Chateau is located 40 kilometres (27 miles) south of Prague. The Chateau was built in the late 13th century in the style of a French Fortress. The last private owner Archduke Franz Ferdinand d' Este, the successor to the Austrian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914. The chateau situated in a lovely park contains extensive collections of historical weapons, furnishings, late-Gothic Sculptures, paintings, rare tapestries and innumerable hunting trophies.


Only transfer to Konopiště 1370,- CZK or 52 € or 62 $

Day trip to Konopiště to 5 hours
Free time to explore the city is 3 hours
Price from Prague 1-4 persons 2270,- CZK or 86 € or 103 $
Price from Prague 5-8 persons 2890,- CZK or 109 € or 131 $
Price does not include guide and entrances to monuments.

More information about the city and sights of Konopiště found on the website.

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Most castles in the Czech Republic are closed on Monday.

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