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Transfer from Prague to Liberec

Liberec The Liberec region is home to the Protected Landscape Areas of the Jizera and Luzice Mountains and the Krkonose Mountain National Park located in the north of the Czech Republic on the border with Germany and Poland. It is an area with a rich history and a wealth of natural, cultural, and historic landmarks, an area that is rightly known as heaven on earth for tourists, skiers, lovers of nature, and history enthusiasts. Liberec offers many interesting buildings of different architectonic styles. From modern architecture you can see the dominant of Liberec - an original construction in the shape of a rotating hyperboloid built on the top of the Jested hill in the height of 1012m.


Only transfer to Liberec 2490,- CZK or 94 € or 113 $

Day trip to Liberec to 6 hours
Free time to explore the city is 4 hours
Price from Prague 1-4 persons 3690,- CZK or 139 € or 168 $
Price from Prague 5-8 persons 4740,- CZK or 179 € or 215 $
Price does not include guide and entrances to monuments.

More information about the city and sights of Liberec found on the website.

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Most castles in the Czech Republic are closed on Monday.

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