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Transfer from Prague to Plzeň

Plzeň The Royal Town of Pilsen was built by King Wenceslaus II in 1295. Nowadays is the West Bohemian metropolis of Pilsen the fourth biggest town in Czech republic. The historical heart of the city was proclaimed the urban preserved area. Plzen is the place where golden lager beer was born in 1842, since when the whole beer world has been trying to imitate it. Beers bearing names such as "pils", "pilsner" or "pilsener" number in the hundreds; however, the only original recognized worldwide is Pilsner Urquell. In the Pilsner Urquell Beer World you will discover the secret of this original and will become acquainted with the renowned Czech art - that of brewing good beer.


Only transfer to Plzeň 1800,- CZK or 68 € or 82 $

Day trip to Plzeň to 5 hours
Free time to explore the city is 3 hours
Price from Prague 1-4 persons 2700,- CZK or 102 € or 123 $
Price from Prague 5-8 persons 3390,- CZK or 128 € or 154 $
Price does not include guide and entrances to monuments.

More information about the city and sights of Plzeň found on the website.

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Most castles in the Czech Republic are closed on Monday.

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