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Transfer from Prague to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary - The most famous West Bohemian spa town of Karlovy Vary was founded by the Bohemian King Charles IV in the 14th century. You can taste the water from the 12 curative thermal mineral springs, admire the beauty of both the historic and modern colonnades, and purchase some of the typical souvenirs such as special wafers, Moser porcelain and glass, or the Becherovka liqueur, also known as the 13th curative spring of Karlovy Vary. The Karlovy Vary spa is known for treatment of diseases of the digestive tract and metabolic and endocrinal disorders.


Only transfer to Karlovy Vary 2410,- CZK or 91 € or 110 $

Day trip to Karlovy Vary to 7 hours
Free time to explore the city is 3 hours
Price from Prague 1-4 persons 3310,- CZK or 125 € or 150 $
Price from Prague 5-8 persons 4440,- CZK or 168 € or 202 $
Price does not include guide and entrances to monuments.

More information about the city and sights of Karlovy Vary found on the website.

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Most castles in the Czech Republic are closed on Monday.

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